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Inspiring Action

Paula delivers a fresh take on marketing and business strategy with a rare combination of humour and insight.

She cuts through the hype, giving you the straight goods and making it easy to understand how the pieces fit together. Find out exactly what you need to do right now to protect (and grow) your market share.



Paula speaks about entrepreneurship, marketing and women’s leadership. Whether it’s a keynote, a workshop or a breakout session, she will work closely with your team to deliver inspiring content that leaves your audience energized and eagerly anticipating your next event.



Ready to bring your core digital marketing efforts in-house? Paula will help you develop a plan to ensure things go smoothly, help you choose and implement the technology solutions you need, then provide training to bring your in-house sales and marketing teams up to speed.


Consulting & Mentoring

Paula works one-on-one with entrepreneurs and leadership teams who recognize the importance of developing digital marketing and sales management skills for a connected world. Private mentoring provides a safe space to ramp up your knowledge of modern sales and marketing technology, giving you the confidence to effectively lead your team.

Who’s Hired Paula

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  • …our members were thrilled with Paula’s presentation. Without a doubt, one of the best speakers we’ve had!

    Wired Women
    Wired Women Vancouver Chapter
  • …outstanding speaker. Paula’s presentation on the power of email marketing was perfectly tailored to our audience…

    Elliot Choi
    Elliot Choi Techvibes
  • …a dynamic speaker, Paula’s presentation was solid and educational. And ours is a tough audience to please.

    Raquel Hirsch
    Raquel Hirsch BCDMA

Keynote, Presentation,
and Workshop Topics

Inbound Selling: Finding Qualified Leads in the Digital Age

The game of selling has changed dramatically, and sales teams are struggling to adapt. Today’s B2B buyer is more than 70% of the way through the buying process before he even considers reaching out to your business. And by that time, it’s almost to late to infuence his purchase. Learn how to adapt your traditional sales process to the needs of the digital buyer and stop leaving money on the table.

Close Sales with Content Marketing

Digital buyers research products and make decisions online, often without ever speaking to sales. Discover how to use blogs, ebooks, videos and other forms of content marketing to drive sales online without getting caught in the content rat-trap. You will leave with a plan to turn your experience and knowledge into a flow of qualified leads.

Beyond the Blast: Gaining Traction in the Inbox

Email is the preferred channel for receiving business information for professionals of all ages. Learn how to build an email marketing program that keeps your existing customers engaged while attracting new, qualified, sales-ready leads. Walk away with tangible ideas and strategies that you can put into place for your own business right away.

Confessions of a She.E.O.: Thriving as a Female Entrepreneur

Over 20-plus years as a business owner, Paula has tried almost every business system on the planet. Most of them didn’t work. Why? Because they were designed for a world in which the “boss” has a wife at home. What do you do when you’re both the boss AND the wife? In this lively, often humourous, presentation, Paula reveals what worked (and what didn’t) and shares her secrets to thriving in business through a feminine lens.

CASL 101: Your Business and Canada's Spam Law

Canada’s spam law places significant restrictions on your right to reach out to the people who might buy from you, and the penalties for getting it wrong are huge. CASL changes the game for marketers, sales professionals and business owners. Learn what your business needs to do to protect yourself from stiff penalties and legal action.

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