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The single biggest challenge facing both marketing and sales teams today is a lack of technical skills. And, according to a recent study by General Assembly, experience is no help.

Digital skills were either absent or incomplete at every level of the organization, regardless of age, experience or educational background. No single area of the business could reliably be assumed to have a complete view of the digital marketing ecosystem. And that’s leading to missed opportunities, financial losses and, sometimes, embarrassing mistakes that are all too visible in the public domain.

Paula works with organizational teams to build a baseline of strategic and tactical digital knowledge that facilitates communication, strategic planning and focused action that drives bottom line results.

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  • …our members were thrilled with Paula’s presentation. Without a doubt, one of the best speakers we’ve had!

    Wired Women
    Wired Women Vancouver Chapter
  • …outstanding speaker. Paula’s presentation on the power of email marketing was perfectly tailored to our audience…

    Elliot Choi
    Elliot Choi Techvibes
  • …a dynamic speaker, Paula’s presentation was solid and educational. And ours is a tough audience to please.

    Raquel Hirsch
    Raquel Hirsch BCDMA

Custom Training for
Sales and Marketing Teams

Inbound Selling Skills

The game of selling has changed and sales professionals are struggling to adapt. Today’s B2B buyer considers himself an expert, thanks to Google and Youtube. You’re lucky he even considers reaching out to your business.

Maybe it’s time to give inbound selling a shot? This workshop introduces the skills needed to:

  • Use social media as a prospecting tool.
  • Take advantage of lead intelligence from your website.
  • Deploy account-based selling tactics.
  • Prospect online without sounding like a creepy stalker.
  • Develop simple scripts to guide your outreach efforts.
  • Adapt your traditional phone and mail outreach with digital intelligence.

Digital Transformation Series

Digital transformation is a key priority for most organizations, yet the skills needed to execute are hard to find. This series of workshops is designed to offer skills development targeted to functional responsibilities, increasing comfort levels with digital models across all levels of the organization.

Sales and Marketing Automation Management
Define what sales and marketing automation really means for your business. You will gain the key technical skills and understanding to effectively lead a young, digitally savvy team. Identify what resources are missing and what you need to put in place for successful marketing automation and content marketing strategies. What roles are must-haves for your in-house team? When is it better to outsource or hire permanently?

Getting Started with Automation
Attendees will take a peak inside a working sales and marketing automation program, understand the concepts behind the various types of funnels, learn what’s possible with email and social media automation and where content fits into the bigger marketing picture. Teams will leave this having built a roadmap for assessing and choosing your marketing automation platform.

MA Advanced (Workflows and Integrations)
Learn how to design and build a functioning workflow, and how to manage multiple interconnected automation functions within your marketing ecosystem. This training is has been developed based on the Hubspot, SharpSpring and Infusionsoft platforms but can be easily customized to accommodate whichever marketing automation tools you’re currently using.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

A joint workshop for sales and marketing teams, this program is part team-building exercise, part strategic planning session and can be delivered as either a full or half-day workshop.

Get your sales and marketing teams on the same page about key deliverables, negotiate an SLA between departments, and come together about:

  • What makes a good lead for your sales team.
  • When and how to hand leads over to sales.
  • What content buyers REALLY want.
  • When (and how) to follow up on digital leads.
  • How to measure progress so that everyone knows (and agrees on) the score.

Navigating CASL

Canada’s spam law places significant restrictions on your right to reach out to the people who might buy from you, and the penalties for getting it wrong are huge. Make sure your team understands the basic requirements of this legislation and how it affects their electronic communications plans.

This workshop includes a 45-minute presentation, a downloadable ebook and checklist, and an optional follow-up quiz that can be taken online to be sure individuals came away understanding their obligations under the legislation.

Can be delivered as a webinar or live training.

Custom Training for Your Team

Looking for a digital transformation expert to develop a custom sales or marketing training for your team? Paula will work with your organizational learning team to develop a custom program that exactly fits your mandate.

If you’re needs are bigger than a single trainer can fulfill, ask about tapping into Paula’s network of digitally savvy marketing and sales training specialists or adding online training and testing through her digital learning portal to build out a truly comprehensive training plan for your team.

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