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I work one-on-one with business leaders who need to drive digital transformation within their businesses, and aren’t sure where to start. I will serve as your digital advisor, making complex technical concepts relatable and breaking down the questions you need answered to make an informed decision about how to move forward.

the skills gap is real

The digital evolution has happened so rapidly that no one (not even the millennials!) has been able to keep up with the pace of change.

Senior business leaders have the depth of experience needed to lead us into the next phase, but lack the technical knowledge and digital language to function effectively as leaders. They’re at risk of being conned by enthusiastic advocates of vertically focused strategies that deliver plenty of feel-good vanity metrics but utlimately fail to drive real traction for the business.

Inexperienced newcomers are experts at executing a narrow range of specific tactics. They really can make your website do backflips. But they lack the context and strategic insight to understand how their work impacts the organization on a larger scale. They’re desperate for leadership but can’t find the mentorship they’re looking for within the organization.

Middle managers are caught in the middle, trying to keep an impatient young workforce happy in the face of the realities of organizational red tape while juggling the needs of a multi-generational workforce and simultaneously trying to develop their own skills and knowledge.

And nobody is happy that there’s a math test too!

The State of Digital Skills 2018 |

take control of your digital strategy

Ever been told that you ‘have to do social media’ and ‘likes and follows are business results’ and wondered what the heck happened to profit margins and customer metrics? Or sat in a meeting where someone droned on about API’s and CPCs while surreptitiously googling paper clicks on your iPhone only to realize they were saying pay-per-click?

You’re not alone. I’ve worked with dozens of smart, successful leaders who had those exact questions and a few more. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated but it does demand to be accommodated.

If your approach to digital transformation has been to hope it goes away soon – or to vehemently insist that “your business is different, your customer doesn’t buy online” – time is running out. Let’s get together and talk about a practical approach to modernizing your communication and marketing strategy before some upstart disruptor steals everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Invite me out for coffee – what have you got to lose?

let’s talk digital transformation for your organization

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