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i, I’m Paula Skaper. I’m a digital native. I believe in leading with strategy not tactics. I’m immune to bright shiny objects and obsessed with the only KPI that matters – your bottom line.

I combine solid traditional media skills with extensive digital expertise. I’ve been accused of being a geek. And a math nerd. I’m ok with that.

I’m also an …

… Entrepreneur

Paula Skaper is a leading business and marketing strategist. She is the founder and president of Vancouver digital marketing agency Kinetix Media Communications, co-founder of marketing video production studio NakedLens.ca and the woman behind the Adizue Success System, an online community for entrepreneurial women.

… Digital Strategist

Paula has guided a diverse array of clients through digital transformation, including Intrawest Real Estate, Best Buy Canada, the Pacific National Exhibition and Destination British Columbia.

… Visionary

Paula helps her clients survive the bleeding edge of digital marketing, understanding which digital strategies are worth adopting and when it’s smarter to wait and see. She combines a deep passion for digital with a pragmatic obsession with profitability and isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it. Most of the time, history has proven her right. Sometimes not – she’s still mad that she laughed at the idea of photo blogging. Who knew Flickr was actually gonna be a thing! (Wanna know the story? Invite me out for coffee…)

… Advocate

Paula has served an instructor of e-Commerce at BCIT, and is an active member of the Burnaby Board of Trade Government Relations Committee and the Women’s Business Success Network. Paula regularly writes and speaks on issues surrounding every aspect of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Fun Facts About Me

I’m Irish by birth and still call Ireland “home” even though I’ve been a Canadian citizen for 4+ decades.

I met my husband while working as a live television host. I loved the storytelling aspect of being on TV, hated the hours.

I’m a mom to two amazing young adults and have been happily married for almost a quarter century.

I don’t like tomatoes. I love coffee. And chocolate.

Leadership & Coaching
Sales Automation & Lead Development
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing Strategy

media mentions

The Globe and Mail
National Post
the Vancouver Sun
Entrepreneur Magazine
Media Post
North Shore News
Canadian Lawyer Magazine
Joy TV
Business Edge News Magazine
Get Connected TV
Fresh Gigs

Who’s Hired Paula

Words of Praise

  • Your presentation was amazing, and so refreshing. Loved your energetic style and the content was exactly the right combination of practical advice and inspiration. Thank you!

    Conference Attendee
    Conference Attendee Business in Burnaby Keynote
  • I wrote down in my notes, "I have to meet this woman!" You've got a refreshing, no-holds-barred, in your face speaking style that's really relatable. You had the room mesmerized - they loved you!

    Conference Attendee
    Conference Attendee The Content Rat Trap
  • Great job presenting at CIMC - you had a fabulous energy on stage and ... [our attendees] absolutely loved your presentation!

    Robyn Freiheit
    Robyn Freiheit CIMC 2017 Organizing Team
  • …a dynamic speaker, Paula’s presentation was solid and educational. And ours is a tough audience to please.

    Raquel Hirsch
    Raquel Hirsch BCDMA
  • …outstanding speaker. Paula’s presentation on the power of email marketing was perfectly tailored to our audience…

    Elliot Choi
    Elliot Choi Techvibes
  • …our members were thrilled with Paula’s presentation. Without a doubt, one of the best speakers we’ve had!

    Wired Women
    Wired Women Vancouver Chapter

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