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Paula’s energizing and informative presentations can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your group. Our presentation team will work with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly – from travel arrangements to takeaways for attendees and post-event follow up, we work hard to meet your needs.

For your convenience, we’ve answered the questions we’re asked most often below. But every audience is unique, so the best way to find out how Paula can best support your goals is to schedule a brief conversation about your event using the form below.

What marketing materials can you provide?

Once you have signed a contract to hire Paula, we will provide you with everything you need to promote your event, including:

  • Hi-Res Photographs of Paula.
  • A biography for your event website.
  • Both a short and long-form version of her stage introduction for your emcee.
  • An overview of her presentation that includes key take-aways.
  • Video assets if requested.

Will you provide additional marketing support?

Yes, there are several options available for additional marketing support:

  • Paula can promote her involvement with your event through her social media channels and in our emails.
  • Paula can tape a short teaser video about your event. The video can be embedded on your website, or within your email campaigns.
  • Paula can write a brief blog article on covering the topic of her presentation that can be used either as pre-event promotion or post-conference follow-up.

What are your A/V needs?

Paula will bring:

  • presentation slides on her MacBook with remote
  • a copy of her presentation on flash drive, formatted for a 16×9 screen.
  • video adapters for HDMI, VGA and DVI screens or projectors.

Please provide:

  • a projector and screen that is large enough to be seen comfortably by your entire audience,
  • a wireless hands-free microphone (lapel mic preferred)
  • a glass of water on stage.

N.B. Paula is an animated and energetic speaker; handheld microphones and formal lecterns are not ideal for her presentation style.)

We maintain a full complement of A/V equipment. If you prefer the speaker supplies these items, please note that in your submission and we will include the needed items in your proposal.

Do you need internet access or sound?

Depending on the presentation, internet access and/or audio can enhance your attendees’ experience. Please discuss your setup with Paula’s team at the time of booking, so that her presentation can be optimized for your situation.

May we video-tape your event?

Please contact us to discuss videography and video-distribution options for you situation.

Will you make your slides available for attendees?

Your attendees will have the option to download the full slide presentation after the event. Additional materials, such as white papers and checklists related to the presentation topic are also offered.

Will Paula travel for our presentation?

Paula will travel to your city for your conference or event. Travel costs are paid by the event organizer at the time of booking.

What is Paula's experience as a speaker?

Paula has over 25 years experience speaking at events that range in size from under 100 to well over 1000 attendees in the room, as well as both live and pre-taped television broadcasts. Whether in the boardroom, on the main stage, or on camera, Paula knows how to connect with and engage your audience.

What are Paula's speaker fees?

Paula’s speaker fee will depend on the type of presentation you need, the size and scope of your event and the travel involved. Complete the inqury form at the bottom of this page receive a custom proposal for your event.

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